Guitar Made Simpler
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Riley Wilson, also known as "The Gigmeister" for his 12 year column in "Vintage Guitar" magazine, is an award winning performer, teacher and writer based in North Texas. Over 4,000 students from Los Angeles, CA to Raleigh, NC and Dallas, TX have learned guitar and bass successfully with him since 1985.  

solo act is the most awarded One Man band in the nation, Gig Salad "Top Performer" and winner of "Best of 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, Rising Star and Lifetime" awards from Gigmasters/The Bash.  

Riley's writing has appeared in "Electronic Musician," Gig," "Guitar World," "Guitar School" and Real To Reel" magazines. 

He's the author and publisher of the groundbreaking guitar instruction method "
Guitar Made Simpler- An Intelligent Approach," available on Amazon or directly from the publisher.

If you're looking for the best in private guitar or bass instruction, solo performance or writing, look no further.

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Who is Riley Wilson?

- Awarded guitar/bass teacher

- Nationally published Writer/Publisher/ Columnist

- #1 most awarded One Man Band- United States on Gigmasters/The Bash & Gig Salad

- Award winning Voice overs

A true renaissance man, Riley Wilson is all this and more!

Since 1972, Riley Wilson has been a working professional guitarist/vocalist. Starting with groups based in North Carolina, he traveled all over the South and Midwest before relocating to Hollywood, CA in 1983. Today, he continues the tradition with the most awarded One Man band show in America, collecting awards and thrilling audiences with an impressive mix of classical, country, jazz, rock and pop classics.

Beginning in 1985, he began teaching guitar and bass quicker, better and more competently than any other private instructor. A graduate of the Guitar Institute in Technology in Hollywood, CA and the original, longest running professional guitar and bass teacher in Frisco, TX. He also teaches lessons via Skype for folks unable to join him at his studio in North Texas. His teaching methods and material are also found on YouTube

Riley’s been a professional writer since 1987. His work has appeared in publications like “Electronic Musician,” ” Gig,” “Guitar World,” “Guitar School” and “Real to Reel.” He penned “The Gigmeister” column in “Vintage Guitar” magazine from 1993-2005 and is the author and publisher of “Guitar Made Simpler- An Intelligent Approach.” He also wrote the popular “Solo Gigger” column and did video gear reviews with L2Pnet from 2013-2016.